Jubb’s Life Colloid Probiotics and Your Brain and Body Health


Did you know it’s a very conservative estimate; eighty percent of immunity is incurred, when you have proper lifecolloid probiotic? Can you consider what has happened to the general population; it used to be only one case of autism in ten thousand children; and now it’s one case in every two hundred children? And today because antibiotic is found in all animal flesh; and that food eaten is mostly devoid of enzyme and is coagulated and has enzymatically linked protein that such dead food has no magnetic voltage?

And that synthetic food additive is put into highly processed denatured food; it is really an empty dead skelotonized calorie? What do you think of another apparent researcher that has had no idea about the value of enzyme in food? What about an apparent researcher that knows nothing about the detrimental impact a high phosphate low calcium diet has on health? What if that researcher only has foisted animal flesh and blood product on the unsuspecting? Have most studied somatotyping; which is how your body has evolved because of food eaten?

How about research that doesn’t consider poisonous compound as in all synthetic drug? millions of our beloved children are being given poisonous synthetic drugs and element that destroys intestinal flora as antibiotics do? What reason do you feel that some families have such a tendency to be over-weight? Is there such a thing as a superior and inferior diet? And what do you know about how food eaten can have been impacting lifecolloid probiotics in your intestinal tract? How about that the researcher can have no idea about the impact of inflammatory sugar as disaccharide is; and what if that researcher writes an article yet has no idea about strange indigestible protein? Could that be equivalent to the lame approach of natural news? How do you feel that years can pass by and that researcher has never availed themself of what’s in the literature about lifefood?

Did you know that today neoplastic condition tends to strike one beloved in every two? You would agree Many challenges incur as you can not have proper intestinal function and you can have had irritable bowl syndrome? Such is not uncommon that excessive myco-toxin is released into your body as dysbiotic lifecolloid that can have used your body as their sewer? Did you know that one condition that can have ensued is called kryptopyrrole; that is blood heme not being broken down properly in your body; that you can have insufficient genome power as there existed no lifecolloid probiotics; and excessive heme not broken down properly binds with valuable nutrient that the brain requires to function properly like B6 and also zinc?

Does it make sense to you that brain and emotional dysfunction can be nutrient deficiency? Did you know that twenty percent of all kryptopyrrole sufferers have psychological dysfunction? Did you know that a very high number of schizophrenic; autistic; depressed; have such a condition and that a shortage of B6 and also zinc is critical to have proper brain function?

A B6 and zinc deficiency in such a pyroluria condition generally also haa a wide spectrum physical and emotional condition? Such cannot be counteracted by providing nutrient because such is being bound wrongfully by excessive pyro lauric condition and intestinal lifecolloid, which is generally mostly devoid in such cases? Can you have a focus to gain back proper lifecolloid probiotic?

Did you know that if we just look at this condition mentioned that some between fifty-nine and eighty percent of schizophrenic condition has associated high levels of pyroluria? And that it generally can be present in autistic; epilepsy; depression; mania; and other cognitive and emotional challenge?

How are we stacking up the importance of good intestinal lifecolloid for having good health? What would you consider that another researcher can have written about such conditions and not have mentioned digestive lifecolloid probiotics and how such assist heal such mental and emotional challenge?

Ok so are you getting it that you must have proper lifecolloid probiotics; that such lifecolloid includes: spore; double spore; bacteria; mold; fungus; and yeast? And is this an important key to having good brain and nerve force? And you can also know that such lifecolloid probiotics have a definite anti- neoplastic effect; and that colorectal cancer is the third most prevalent type of neoplastic condition that the beloved dies from? And that it is directly associated with not having protective forces of natural lifecolloid probiotic?

Did you know that in all the years this researcher has never ever found a schizophrenic condition without dysbiotic lifecolloid probiotic? This researcher has never seen an autistic condition that also doesn’t have a condition of very low lifecolloid probiotic? Can anyone deny that there is a direct connection between the brain of the gut and the brain upstairs?

Dyspraxia; dyslexia; depression; have been observed by this researcher to have improved as the upper stomach produces normal levels of hydrochloric acid and the liver and pancreas produce enough bile to neutralize such acid? And celiac is cleared up and lifefood entertained as ones ways are changed; that is a real therapeutic? All such condition improves dramatically; you have restored intestinal digestion and got rid of irritable bowl and celiac condition;

Applying Jubbs cell rejuvenation goes a long way to assist clear up most condition because typically there is a bile occlusion; and this researcher forwards lifefood nutrition; how do you feel that natural news is in all this time never availed you of a single piece of literature about lifefood? And generally most cannot know anything about colloidal biology? Lifefood is recommended because it is naturally low phosphate and high calcium; and is devoid of any run away sugar as disaccharide sugars from carrot, banana, potato,  wheat,  date, etc; that is a small example of such runaway sugar that is an inflammatory sugar that is not managed by your liver? And then you’ve got half baked ideas about what to do yet no no no knowledge of how animal food has an inflammatory sugar not found at all in our great ape specie; consuming animal flesh and animal blood product as milk; that has N glyconeuraminic acid? All cooked food and flesh food and all grain and bean is called dead food because it has such a detrimental effect on your over all health; does this cause a bit more enlightenment?

Author:  Dr. David Jubb


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